AEM Overview

It is an Adobe Experience Manager CMS(Content Management Solution) tool used for managing content and digital media assets. It is used for content authoring and maintaining websites on desktop, mobile and tablet. This tutorial will provide complete AEM overview.

There are two ways to setup an instance:

1. On Prem: 

  • It requires a huge cost towards license and infrastructure management.
  • It require more attention towards ownership as everything managed mostly by client.
  • Upgrade will not be an easy task.
  • Any CI can be use as part of code deployment such as Jenkins, Bamboo, ACM etc.

Follow link to setup on Prem. 

2. As a cloud service allows us to use AEM as SaaS(Software as a Service) which mainly manage by Adobe. 

  • It provides as architecture to auto scale to have additional instances on demand.
  • It reduce cost of ownership as server, space and upgradation all manage by Adobe.
  • Adobe recommend to use Adobe managed CDN and adobe managed CDN will be pointing by client CDN.
  • Cloud manager which is mandatory to use as a CI tool looks for standard dispatcher configuration structure.

Follow link to setup it as a cloud service.

AEM Modules

Below are some of the important modules:

AEM Sites

Site allows us to author and manage content pages.

AEM Assets

Assets allows us to author and manages assets.

AEM Forms

Forms provides us a capability to create, update, publish and manage forms at run time. Using forms we can add, update and delete any field in Forms.

AEM Headless

It as an architecture which allows us to create two separate frontend and backend application. Here, we expose data using backend application in some predefined format such as JSON, XML, etc. to get consume by any of the third party front application. Similarly, on the other hand create a front end application which can consume or expecting predefined format data from third party backend application.

Headless architecture can be achieve by GrphQL query, Content and experience fragment.

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